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time at home...

Hey, it's me again :)

It's still very boring for everybody at home right now I guess, so that's the perfect opportunity to look for some inspiration. 💮
For today, I decided to write a simple lifestyle update post. I just want to talk about time at home, and how to deal with it. I'd be glad if you write in the comments how you do this!

***** ⛭⛭⛭*****

Well, in my last post I collected some ideas of things you can do in your time you'll spend at home, probably you're a bit lonely. That's the perfect time to visit online shops. Why not? The shops in the cities are all closed, so the most of you have no opportunity to go to a city. I don't know if it is like this in EVERY country, but in Germany threatens a complete lockdown for everybody. It will be a long time until the end of corona...
But we will be strong and although we can't meet our friends at the moment, we all can do it, the situation I mean. Never in young history of social media, it was so u…

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