Beauty Favs #1

Hey guys!It's getting cold here at my home in Germany, and winter is approaching. I really like summer and its sunny weather, long days, reading sessions in the park and dinner in the garden. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible this year to travel. No beach, no swimming pool, nothing else where you can find too many people.
But anyway, today I'm looking forward to show you some of my recent beauty favs :)

My Braun Silk-epil 9 is an absolutely practical and awesome device. This depilator removes your hairs really fast, and leaves smooth skin which lasts much longer than a sharper, of course.

Aigner debut by night and s.Oliver originalI often use them in my daily life, but the scent by aigner you can also use for special occasions when you use more of it. But for work or school and for a small purse, the fragrance by s.Oliver is perfect. It smells a litte sweeter.

"Lid Lingerie" by NYX
With the eyeshadow pallete by NYX you can create perfect ombre accents. I really like t…

All-time favourites #autumn

Well, I didn't write for a long time. I had a lot of work to do, unfortunately. But now I'm back on this blog again :)
I want to present you some of my all-time favourites in this season. It awaits us a temperate climate, colorful leaves and comfortable evenings on the couch with a book or an exciting or maybe romantic movie/series. Sit down, take a coffee or your favourite tea or whatever you like most, and enjoy this time of silent winds and the beginning cold.
Sitting down in a park and read a book.It's not too late yet to take a walk and looking for a nice place to read. It's not such an original tip, I have to admit, but anyway I couldn't stop myself from writing it down. I really like a relaxed afternoon for myself where I can dive into a story. In some recent posts, I already shared some of my favourite books with you, so I'll do this in later posts, too.
Take a bath.When taking a bath, it's a good time to relax to me. I always listen to some playlists…

Catch up #1

Hey guys!
Since I'm in rehabilitation, I've had a lot of time for myself between a few appointments. I used it to work on my blog and decided that I'll work regularly on it from now on.
Well, I really read a lot within the last days, or go to the cantine, drinking a coffee. Right now, I'm sitting on a chair, drinking a cappuccino and writing this post (free wifi ✌).

View out of my window

It's really quiet on this place, the clinic I mean, it can be kind of boring, but you should always make the best of the situation. So I do. If you are on a place you don't like, or be in a bad situation, don't be discouraged. On the first day when I came here, I felt really uncomfortable because the most people here are much older than me, unfortunately. Although I talk to other people regularly, it's still a bit lonely here, I miss my friends. I actually have summer holidays in school, I sacrificed three weeks for rehab. But it was my decision. Do I regret it? No. Sometimes …

Summer activities for at home Part 1

Well, it's been a while since I went back to school after lockdown. Finally, tomorrow will be the last school day before my long awaited 6-weeks summer holidays in which I will use my leisure to relax and pursue my hobbies, before I'll start with my next school year.
Also worth mentioning is my 24th birthday on July 15th. Unfortunately, I won't be able to celebrate because I will stay in rehabilitation for 4 weeks from July 13th. What a pity, I actually wanted to spend time with friends on this day, instead I'll use my time to relax on this day.
Anyway, I didn't want to talk too much about this, so I will change the subject a little bit. Of course, in holidays you always want to spend time with friends as much as you can, have adventures and maybe you travel to foreign countries. But on some days, there is no opportunity for this. So you have to come up with something. Here's a short list of some at-home-activities :)

1. Online gym
For some weeks (since lockdown…

time at home...

Hey, it's me again :)

It's still very boring for everybody at home right now I guess, so that's the perfect opportunity to look for some inspiration. 💮
For today, I decided to write a simple lifestyle update post. I just want to talk about time at home, and how to deal with it. I'd be glad if you write in the comments how you do this!

***** ⛭⛭⛭*****

Well, in my last post I collected some ideas of things you can do in your time you'll spend at home, probably you're a bit lonely. That's the perfect time to visit online shops. Why not? The shops in the cities are all closed, so the most of you have no opportunity to go to a city. I don't know if it is like this in EVERY country, but in Germany threatens a complete lockdown for everybody. It will be a long time until the end of corona...
But we will be strong and although we can't meet our friends at the moment, we all can do it, the situation I mean. Never in young history of social media, it was so u…

tips to pass the time through the corona virus

Hey guys,

after my last post, where I already mentioned the problematic corona virus, I want to talk about things which might let take your mind off the vicious COVID-19.

I usually use my not-going-outside-time for reading books, watching Netflix, looking at Instagram or Pinterest, and so on.  💮

Here I collected some tips what you could might do not to be bored or worried about your's or your family's health.


First point: books  ❤ Something I could really spend much time with, is reading books, especially fantasy novels. Here are some tips for you, hope you'll like it :) I won't write a whole review for all these books I present here, but if you wish I could do it separately in another post. Just write it in a comment.

"A court of thorns and roses" - trilogy by Sarah J. Maas

It's one of my favourite trilogy. Although there is already a 4th books, the last one is just a spin-off and because of the not-so-good reviews, I didn't read the 4th pa…

corona - how to handle this?

Hey guys,
It's a hard time for everyone right now. The world stands still because of the corona-virus, and we all don't know when it will end. Here in Germany, even every school is closed, including my school. So I have to do home office.

Well, we all have to make the best of it. And for all people who are already infected, good blessure ;)
But I think it is very annoying that we are not able to go outside, but I can understand it. I advise to everybody in countries, which are affected, to do the same. Well, I realize that this post tends to a political direction, but I just think it's very important subject right now. And I wish you a relaxed time at home and hope you're not too bored!
I've also heard terrible news in TV: Trump does seriously want to buy the serum against corona virus ONLY for the USA! In my opinion, he's just mad. I won't blame the Americans, but their president is really selfish and arrogant. I guess you all heard about it, but I just wanted to…